Staff Augmentation

Find the right people to build your dream team.

Anyone who has been in the business for long enough knows how challenging and stressful IT recruitment can be. Finding the right talent with the right expertise at the right time demands time and resources —All on top of the recruitment risks and extra commitment that you have to endure.


Hire the best IT professionals on demand without any long-term commitments. At Intellect, our IT staff augmentation solutions(SAP n Full Stack Development ) can help you build the team you need without having to go through a complicated recruitment process. Whether you are looking for a specific expert, extra developers to meet a tight deadline or simply some fresh eyes on the project, we got you covered. With our expertise in the business, we hire skilled professionals after a thorough interviewing, screening and vetting process, so you don’t have to go through it.


Get your extended IT team from us and save time and money on house recruitment. Our IT experts will work closely with your and your client’s team members ensuring the project is completed without a hitch. Our professionals know how to integrate with any team seamlessly to ensure unmatched quality and efficient delivery.


Onshore / Offshore Staffing

Maximize your project's potential with our flexible onshore and offshore staffing solutions. We provide skilled SAP professionals to seamlessly integrate into your team, whether they're located on-site or remotely. Leverage our diverse talent pool to meet your specific project needs and ensure successful outcomes, no matter the geographical constraints.



Experience collaborative excellence with our co-development services. Partner with our seasoned SAP consultants to jointly create solutions that align perfectly with your business goals. Through a cooperative approach, we blend our expertise with your in-house team's insights, resulting in innovative and tailored SAP solutions that drive growth and efficiency.



Elevate your project delivery capabilities with our co-delivery model. Benefit from our deep SAP knowledge and delivery prowess as we work alongside your team to ensure the seamless execution of projects. By combining our strengths, we optimize project management, enhance quality control, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

IT Outsourcing to Sri Lanka: Unlocking Exceptional Potential

Welcome to the thriving hub of IT outsourcing in Sri Lanka. Renowned for its strategic location, highly skilled workforce, and cost-effective solutions, Sri Lanka offers a compelling destination for IT outsourcing needs.

Why Choose Sri Lanka for IT Outsourcing?

Skilled Expertise

Our nation boasts a pool of talented IT professionals with diverse skill sets, from software development to system integration and beyond. Our experts are committed to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Competitive Advantage

By choosing Sri Lanka for IT outsourcing, you gain a competitive edge through cost-effective services without compromising on quality. Benefit from streamlined processes and advanced technology, all at an attractive price point.

Cultural Alignment

Sri Lanka's cultural compatibility with the global business landscape fosters seamless communication and collaboration. This alignment ensures that your outsourcing experience is marked by smooth interactions, minimal time zone differences, and a shared understanding of project objectives.

Innovation and Creativity

Our IT outsourcing landscape is a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. Collaborate with forward-thinking professionals who bring fresh perspectives to the table, leading to breakthrough solutions that drive your business forward.